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This community is PRO-LIVING and recovery oriented. If you are currently not in recovery for your ED, we'd prefer you not join unless you want recovery.

Our rules:
x. post your introduction post within 24 hours of joining the community.
x. no advertising other communities.
x. no pictures of people. pictures of things that remind you of hope or recovery may be allowed.
x. if you want to post about any relapse or eating disorder behaviors it needs to be behind a lj-cut and the lj-cut text needs to contain a warning.
x. be a post whore.
x. entries must be friends only. we will remind you only once. then the post will be deleted.
x. let's not start fights. we're all here to support one another. if there are any altercations, notify the mods, and we will attempt to work things out.

Posting rules:
x. no numbers
x. no "tips"
x. no glorifying, romanticizing, or bragging about your eating disorder
x. no hate posts/comments. follow the golden rule. venting is allowed, hating is not.
x. keep posts to eating disorders and/or recovery. other topics can be written about in your personal journal.
x. no visible triggering content. if you think it may be a trigger, put it behind a lj-cut. lable the lj-cut to be "possibly triggering".
x. absolutely NO pictures of people. inspirational images (ie sunrise, flowers, etc) are allowed.


x. failure to follow the first two rules will result in banishment.
x. repeated failure to follow the rest of the rules will result in removal from community.
x. inactivity will result in removal from the community.

Introduction post (just copy and paste it):

poutingpixie // twilight_bella

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