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Name: kristina
Age: 29
Location: amesbury, ma

E.D. type: anorexia
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose?
diagnosed 14 years ago

Are you still active in your disorder or are you in recovery?
recovery, BIGTIME

If capable of remembering, when do you believe the actual actions of your eating disorder started?
in 1992, when my family dynamics changed drastically- my grandfather died, my grandmother moved in with us, and my older brother was never home (in college/out with friends). i was a loner in high school. i had a very poor self image. my dad had a heart condition.... just felt that too many things in my life were out of my control and my eating was one thing i could control.

Have you ever been treated for your eating disorder?
therapy since being diagnosed, as well as in-patient for 10 days a few years ago, and a few weeks of a day program. neither one were very effective. i am currently working with an excellent (for the most part), intensive outpatient team consisting of an individual therapist, a family therapist, a nutritionist, a pcp, and a psychiatrist. yeah, i am so sick of doctors- it's my life. i work part-time (weekends) at a spa and i am on a medical disability while attending all these doctors appointments!

What obstacles do you face in recovery?
MANY. too many to list. i have major ocd with the ed, so eating different foods/breaking from well-established patterns and routines is the biggest challenge i am facing right now.

What are you hoping to get out of this community?
i am an active member of the community ed_recovery and i happened to stumble upon this community. i love the name of it- says so much. i truly am looking for a new beginning- in more areas than just the ed.

Do you have other mental illnesses?
major depression.

Do you have any self-destructive behaviors?
just the ed.

What (if any) physical complications has your eating disorder caused?
many. osteopososis, low blood pressure, low potassium, and it contributes to my depression, i'm sure.

Are you currently in therapy?
see above (i.e., HELL YES!)

What's something positive about yourself?
i am a sincere and genuine person with a lot of love/creativity/passion.

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