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hi everyone. just joined the community and here is my intro :D
it's really good to be here and i hope i can bring as much support to the group as i've seen in past entries here!

Name: Megs or Meg
Age: 23
Location: Near Brampton, Ontario, Canada

E.D. type: Anorexia [restricting type usually.....SOMETIMES purging type]
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose? i've been diagnosed at a hospital in Toronto
Are you still active in your disorder or are you in recovery? I'm currently working on recovery with the help of the hospital and a psychiatrist there.
If capable of remembering, when do you believe the actual actions of your eating disorder started? I've been dieting, trying to lose weight for about 10 yrs now, but it spiraled into a horrible addiction/obsession about 1 1/2 yrs ago.
Have you ever been treated for your eating disorder? Yes. I've been out of the in-patient e.d. program and the hospital for 3 mths now. i spent 4 mths there and successfully finished the program.
What obstacles do you face in recovery? face obstacles everyday around an extremely brutal body-image, also still have the terrible fear of gaining weight which gives me a lot of urges to go back to restricting/purging/giving up my attempts @ recovery all together. i also have trouble incorporating acceptionally challenging foods into my meal plan on a regular basis....but i am working on that.
What are you hoping to get out of this community? just need a place to rant and to find an understanding ear at times when i feel especially alone/confused/exhausted/scared, etc. i also want to try and help others going through the same things i'm going through and just develop bonds with people that can help me on the bumpy road of recovery.

Do you have other mental illnesses? nope.
Do you have any self-destructive behaviors? i self-harm [cutting] but it's really decreased since i've been in the program [which started in August/05].....only happens like once a month now, but hopefully now that i have a place like this to come to when i'm feeling down and such, maybe i'll be able to take that # down to never. *wishful thinking*
What (if any) physical complications has your eating disorder caused? i haven't had a period for 1 year and 5 mths. i was losing my hair and electrolytes and sodium levels were so low that i was on the verge of dying [or so my family dr. said...but i didn't really take her to seriously] before i went into the program, but all those problems are gone now....except the period thing.
Are you currently in therapy? yes. see a psychiatrist at the hospital once a week and am also a member of the 'relapse-prevention' group at the hospital and go to this support house downtown for a couple groups a week.

What's something positive about yourself? i LUV horror movies and have seen like every freakin' big one and many lesser-known ones. i am a HUGE animal-lover, especially cats and rats....hmmm....oooo i luv my tattoos--they make me happy. and i like my hair :). oh and i am THE QUEEN of burping. and friends tell me i'm really funny, so that's always cool.
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